Tourist Attractions - Fujairah Museum, Al Badiyah Mosque, Fujairah Fort, Al Hayl Castle, Ain Al Madhab Hot Spring and Garden, Wadi Saham, Wadi Siji, Wadi Ham and Wadi Wurayah which also includes waterfalls and several places worth visiting whilst in Fujairah, like clean beaches where surfing, yachting, deep sea fishing, and other water sports activities are endless; several museums, mosque, forts, castles, and wadis are among other major attractions in Fujairah.



The Fujairah Museum

The Museum displays archeological artifacts found in Bithnah and Oidfah that dates back to Bronze Age. The Museum displays pieces of steel, brass, silver, bronze, and gold, apart from carved soapstone vessels, painted pottery, Pre-Islamic silver coins, swords of various shapes and sizes, beautiful Bedouin jewelry, herbs, and folkloric medicine that evidence the interesting past of the UAE.

Al Badiyah Mosque

The country's oldest house of worship, built in 1446. The mud and bricks in the Mosque remain as much as it did in the mid 15th century.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Fujairah's modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque covers a site the size of three football pitches and showcasing six minarets 100m high with granite and marble edifice. The huge prayer hall can accommodate 32,000 worshippers. Its white facade has been made to be one of the city's major landmarks and it ranks as the second biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, following the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort was built from mud, gravel, wood, and gypsum in 1670. It is one of the oldest forts in the UAE, located along a hill at the edge of Date Gardens. The Fort served as a defensive building and a home for the ruling family in the past. It is currently the only stone building along the Fujairah coast, surrounded by remains of few old townhouses, overlooking Fujairah’s old village and date-palm oasis, this magnificently restored fort looks magnificent, especially at night.

Al Hayl Castle

Formerly used as the headquarters for Fujairah's ruling family. The castle was built approximately 250 years ago and it has played an important role in the area's defense, as a base for surveillance and patrolling.

Ain Al Madhab Hotspring/Garden

Located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains outside Fujairah city, the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs/Garden is a popular local retreat. The mineral springs here produce warm sulfuric water that is pumped into two swimming pools. There are separate bathing areas for males and females. It's a family-friendly place that gets packed on weekends – a popular relaxation spot at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. It is where one finds displays of fishing boats, cookware, pottery, and the ruins of an old Fujairah Fort. Folklore dances and traditional singing are carried out during festivals at the theatrical hall in the garden. Entry is free of cost.

Wadi Al Wurayah/Wadis

Among the most beautiful wadis in Hajar mountains are Wadi Siji, Wadi Saham and Wadi Mai. Wadi Ham is the longest valley. Wadi Al Tawain is fun to visit because of the stunning mountainous route. Wadi al-Wuraya is where more than 100 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as more than 300 species of plants and magnificent waterfalls gushing down to a beautiful pool, can be found.

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